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Gas Analysis Laboratory Services

From our laboratory in Bray, Co. Wicklow, GAS can provide our customers with detailed analysis of the samples taken from site.

Analysis Equipment

A range of dedicated chromatographs including:

  • Agilent 7890 & TCD
  • Agilent 7820A TCD & FID
  • Agilent 6890 with 5975 MSD
  • Perkin Elmer AutoSystem with FID
  • AGC Series 100 GC with discharge ionisation detection

Portable equipment including:

  • Portable GC’s
  • Servomex Oxygen & Carbon dioxide analysers
  • Teledyne trace oxygen analysers
  • Michell Moisture Meters
  • MCM Moisture Analysers
  • MetOne 3133, 3413, 3423 Particle Counters
  • RCS Biotest Microbial samplers
  • SAS Pinocchio microbial samplers
  • Drager tube detection for all contaminants 
  • Fact Ait Breathing Air test kit

GAS also offers microbial testing for anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Full analysis reporting accompanies all test results and report format can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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