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TLG-837 Tail Gas Analyser

The TLG-837 continuously measures the H2S / SO2 ratio in Claus process tail gas to provide an always-reliable air demand signal.

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Industry's Leading Tail Gas Analyser

Fast, continuous reading - Total system response time under 10 seconds

Superior accuracy - ±1% full scale

Excellent performance during upset / off-ratio conditions - Accurate if 100:1  H2S:SO2  20:1

Additionally measure COS and CS2 - Using advanced multi-component analysis

Continuosly measures H2S / SO2 ratio in Claus process tail gas to provide an always-reliable air demand signal

Proven Reliability

Always online - Allows for 99.6% uptime

Self-Maintaining DEMISTER Probe - Automated steam cleaning and sulfur removal

Unattended operation - Stabilized by Auto-Zero; remote operation optional

Engineered Safety

No process gas inside the analyser - Toxic sample gas contained within the probe Learn More

Service the analyser without shutting process - Ball valve provides easy process seal

Cost of Ownership

Proven low-maintenance - Only requires monthly optics cleaning

Easy Installation - The lightest, most compact tail gas analyser

Solid state construction - No moving parts or filters to replace

Light on utilities - Low power/steam consumption


Suitable for modified Claus - Used for SUPERCLAUS®/EUROCLAUS®

Hazardous area certifications - Class I Div 1 & 2; ATEX; GOST...

Customizable alarms & outputs - 4-20 mA analog outputs; MODBUS; Hart...

No shelter required - Rugged instrument suitable for outdoor installation

TLG 837
TLG 837
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