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GAS Calves Week 2016

For the second year running, Gas Analysis Services are the main sponsors of the 2016 Calves Sailing Festival in Schull, West Cork, Ireland.

A series of ocean races off the beautiful West Cork coast, GAS Calves week has become a popular fixture in the Irish sailing calendar.

The charming village of Schull is the hub of the Festival, humming with activity, excitement and good-humoured competition throughout the week.

Daily cruiser and dinghy races keep crews and spectators busy and for the most adventurous, the overnight race from Crosshaven passes the famous Fastnet rock.

The GAS Calves Sailing Festival culminates with a regatta on the Sunday, when the harbour is a  wonderful sight to behold, filled with boats at full sail.

All the local hotels and pubs host music and other events throughout the week, and the Festival is as legendary for its onshore partying as for its offshore competition.

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